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Bemidji State University

Siri Anderson, Ed.D.

ED 3240 Social Studies Methods

Learn more from BSU Students

The Mayflower

Cool Kid Lit



Building America  


A collaborative wiki exploring mining, immigration and labor issues between 1880-1940 in Minnesota and the broader United States.




Final Projects 

Curriculum Projects for Classroom Use -- Many Resources, Interactive Materials and Practical Lesson Ideas on Labor Issues, Mining and Immigration  

Childrens Literature 

Great books for kids to read for any reason with literacy rich lesson plans. Use these materials to differentiate your Social Studies curriculum or broaden your Reading lists. 



 Wiki in the Classroom 

Movie Recommendations   


Out of This Furnace











Wiki Step By Step Tutorial -- in case you are looking for tips on how to do things...




We want our Social Studies lessons to be....


  • an introduction to understanding why America became a destination
  • a look into the lives of people of the past
  • a comparison of yesterday and today
  • contributing factors that influenced characters development

So we will make sure to design curriculum that is...


  • from multiple viewpoints
  • looks at the hardships and triumphs of immigration
  • designed to explain major events that took place



Key changes...from Ashlie! (Would these changes be added to another page?)  Should I delete these or put them somewhere else?? Ashlie Yes, I think so -- and I think we need more in our lists above. Anyone have any other hopes and dreams for their Social Studies content?Siri


This section went through a lot of hardships and mentioned significant places in History


  • It started off in 1881 which was a common time for Slavacs to be coming over
  • Steamships provided more immigrants to make the journey in a faster time 
  • Landing in New York (that must have been very emotional) 
  • Lots of poor health and disease (between 1882-1917 laws came about regulating immigration with a focus on diseased beings not be given admittance) 
  • Railroad work was popular 
  • Steel mills became a focus 
  • Union strikes were apparent, and renegotiated (1892)
  • Better homes were amidst and libraries become about more places 
  • Homestead Strike/Homestead Battle  
  • First motorized cars were seen in this region 
  • Politics were a bigger focus
  • Innovations in mill machinery 
  • America went to war/Spanish-American war





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