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Page history last edited by JoDelle Lox 9 years, 6 months ago

I think the reason we teach vocabulary is that with out word understanding how will students gain a higher educational concepts. The web site for Dr Marzano's six steps for successful vocabulary is http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/vocab/strategies.html.


Vocabulary List for America at work- Mining


Tier one:

  1. Toxic- relating to or containing a poison.
  2.  Habitat- the natural conditions and environment in which a plant or animal lives, e.g. forest, desert, or wetlands.
  3. Explosives- having the ability to explode.
  4. Oil-a thick greasy liquid

Tier two:

  1. Satellites- an object put into orbit around Earth or another planet in order to relay communications signals or transmit scientific data.
  2. Zamboni- a machine used to smooth out the ice on a skating rink.

      3.  Minerals- a naturally occurring substance that is mined or extracted from the ground

       4. Energy- a power supply or source

    Tier three:

    1. Molybdenum- a very hard silvery metallic element. Use: strengthening steel alloys.
    2. Geologists-a person who studies  the structure of the Earth or another planet, especially its rocks, soil, and minerals, and its history and or

         3.  Shale-a dark fine-grained sedimentary rock composed of layers of compressed clay, silt, or mud

         4.  Sedimentary-describes rocks formed from material deposited as sediment by water, wind, or ice and then consolidated by pressure




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      Comments (3)

      Candida Vareberg said

      at 5:15 pm on Mar 1, 2011

      I think that you should also have a link back to the childrens literature page. Your deffinitions are clear and are easy to understand. I am not sure exactly how many words we are supposed to have but you dont have very many.
      I think that you have a great start!

      Ashlie Schulz said

      at 9:58 pm on Mar 1, 2011

      Ashlie Schulz said

      at 10:19 pm on Mar 1, 2011

      Jodie- Your couple of links work great! Remember you need to add a a vocabulary activities page, and a resource page. All of your pages should have links back to the original vocabulary page and even the other pages that deal with vocab.
      § Are the vocabulary definitions they’ve written for their “step one” written at a very simple accessible level? I'm pretty sure you need to add more vocabulary words throughout the 3 tiers, do a little more digging! The two words you have for tier one seem appropriate and simple to where most all students would understand them and they would benefit ELL students or lower level students better.
      § Do they have all of Marzano’s steps listed? You do have the link for Marzano's steps for teaching vocabulary, but you should have the site open in a new window so they can click back to the wiki easy! Let me know if you need help with it? I would also reword your intro on this page to be more compelling and attention grabbing! I'm not sure if we have to list all of the exact steps on the page, I'll have to look into that??
      § Does the content for each step match the objective for that step? Be sure to check Step Four closely, I find this to be the hardest one for students. Keep working on step 4 to create activities for students with the vocab words! I need to do this too! I would also move Geologists to tier 2!
      § Is the page easy to use and clear? Any tips or commendations? Is it "substitute teacher proof?" (Easy to use and all necessary supplies completed?)
      Keep up the creative working! Get some activities created, create a a few more links, re-route the Marzano link, add more vocab, and tidy up a bit! Nice start!

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