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Big Annie-Click, Clack Moo Lesson

Page history last edited by mary eggebraaten 9 years, 5 months ago

Literacy Lesson Plan

                                         By Mary Eggebraaten  


4th through 8th grade



One 90-minute class session



Students will learn new vocabulary words relating to labor unions. 

Students will demonstrate knowledge of new vocabulary words: Union, Laborer, Strike, and Negotiate by authoring a book about the concepts.



The book 'Click, Clack Moo' by Doreen Cronin or the book video on YouTube: Click Clack Moo Video.

The book 'Big Annie of Calumet' by Jerry Stanley


MN Social Studies Standards Grades 4-8:

Strand I. US History

     Substrand G- Reshaping the Nation and the Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1916

          Standard- The student will analyze the transformation of the American Economy and the changing social and political conditions

                              in response to the Industrial Revolution.

               Benchmarks-Students will identify and understand the reasons for the increase in immigration, growth of cities, new inventions,

                    and political challenges to American government arising from the industrial revolution, and analyze their impact.  

                 Students will analyze how the rise of big business, the growth of industry, and the change in life on American farms and

                    small towns with increased mechanization changed life in America.  

               Students will analyze the impact of the Progressive Movement on child labor and working conditions; the rise of organized labor;

                    woman’s suffrage and the temperance movement, and identify the contributions of individuals in these movements.



Have you ever wondered what incredible stories happened in the past that developed our modern world?  The birth of Industry, the making of modern machines and use of resources resulting in changing the entire way America was run.  We are about to start an exciting unit about the Industrial Revolution, a time in history that was filled with immigration, the birth of machines, and worker's rights.  To help us learn about this time period we will be reading a book called Big Annie of Calumet by Jerry Stanley.  There are several new concepts and words that we will be introduced to, so to help with these terms we will be learning vocabulary words throughout the week.  The first lesson begins today when I turn you all into authors.  The next couple of days we will practice using the other vocabulary words and review them at the end of the week.  To see the vocabulary word ideas: Big Annie Vocabulary Activities



The students will be introduced to a book  called "Click Clack Moo" to help them understand the first vocabulary words in our unit and the main concepts of a larger unit based around the book Big Annie of Calumet.  After learning the vocabulary, the students will create their own version of the book to demonstrate knowledge of the words.


Clarify Goals and Establish Set

Critical Attributes
Non-critical Attributes

An organization of workers

who protect their working rights.

Western Federation

of Miners, Teachers Unions

McDonalds Employees,

after-school jobs

Must contain several people with same jobs and goals
Men or women, old or young

When workers stop working

to gain better working conditions.

 Wisconsin Strikes,

Nurses strike

To get tired of work and quit
Must strike together, must quit working to make a statement
length of strike, number of people on strike, results of strike

To bargain and reach a

common understanding

To compromise staying up later

than your bedtime

Mom tells you to do it and you

have to do it

Must compromise between 2 parties
who has to compromise more

Someone engaged in 

physical work.

Construction Workers,


Doctors, Lawyers, Authors
Must be engaged in physical work
man or woman, pay, time




Concept Attainment Approach

     1.       Read the book "Click, Clack Moo" or watch the book  Click Clack Moo Video by Doreen Cronin.  After the book discuss the vocabulary terms. 





     2.       Read the book again.  If the students see an example of the vocabulary word used, they should put their finger on their nose. 

                Call on a student to give a clarification of the word. 

                    Union- the cows all banded together to demand a better working condition from Farmer Brown

                    Strike- to make a point the cows decided not to give milk, they stopped working

                    Laborer- the cows have to do hard work all day

                    Negotiate- Farmer Brown was willing to hand out the electric blankets

     3.       After the book was read a second time, discuss the attributes and non-attributes of each word and give examples.

     4.       Ask questions to help the students think critically about the vocabulary words as in why they are important, do we still have these today, and how

               do you use these words or see them?


Guided Practice

Students will create their own version of the 'Click Clack Moo' book and must use the vocabulary words. They will share their book with small groups.  Students in the small groups will listen to one another's story and will make a checklist to make sure all words were used and all words are used appropriately.  The books and the checklists will be turned in.  This is the first lesson in the vocabulary terms introduction so the next four days should focus on learning the vocabulary terms for the Unit on Big Annie of Calumet.  Share with the students that we will be reading a book that focuses on the strength of Labor Unions in the United States during the Industrial Revolution.  The theme of the book is based on a character named Big Annie who fights for better working conditions for Copper Miners in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  This activity with Click Clack Moo gave us some background into what a labor union is to help us understand the context for our book. 


Assessment – I will look to see the book contains all 4 concepts or vocabulary words.  They will also turn in a checklist of each member of their small group.  After we finish the activity we will discuss the book we will beginning.


Differentiation - Options are to work in partners.  To have the template printed out and the students fill in words to create a story.  The definitions are written down so the words are easily incorporated into their story.  The students can use a voice thread to tell the story.  The students can create the story on the computer by either typing it up or using software to animate.



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Comments (3)

Tandy said

at 2:52 pm on Mar 28, 2011

I'm just going to number the responses to the questions that Siri gave us as guidelines for the review.
1) I do believe your objectives in this lesson are related to the book and clear. I think you might have another objective that you can add, Students will create their own story utilizing/using the vocabulary terms.... maybe?? I think that will line up with what your assessing too. Don't forget your MN standards.
2) You might want to state the grade for this lesson. I'm familiar with the Click, Clack, Moo book, so I think I got a idea as the grade you are hitting on, but someone else might not know. I'm guessing your aiming for at least a 3rd grade and above, so I do think this is age appropriate. Cronin's book is a good example to use to explain those vocab terms to students. The YouTube video is also nice addition- the guy reading kinda sounds like Randy Travis.
3) I think your lesson follows social studies content pedagogy.
4) Materials and lesson is easy to follow and understand. I think you've written it well enough for a sub to follow... I'm not sure how important it is, but you might want to add to your books' title page too
5) You've got pre-reading, during reading and post reading activities. I wonder though instead of making it sound optional in line 1 of Concept Attainment Approach, why not do both. Read the book first, watch the clip then discuss the terms?? I think this is a fun activity for the kids to put those vocab terms to practice in their story creation.

Amanda Nelson said

at 10:31 am on Mar 29, 2011

Lesson 1-
• You could add an objective that students will first learn new vocabulary words related to labor unions.
• The first sentence in Procedures is a little confusing as you have two different children’s book you are using to start. I would reference both titles to eliminate that confusion.

Siri said

at 11:28 am on Apr 22, 2011

Your design components are very strong. It will be easy for any teacher to use this, esp. because of the youtube option for the video of the story. What a great scaffolding lesson for your story.

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