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Kids on Strike-Citizen Action Lesson Plan

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Citizen Action Plan

Lesson Plan Ideas


An idea for a Citizen Action Plan for a lesson plan would be to have the students participate in a mock strike and negotiating session.  Students could begin by researching a strike or pick a topic that they would like to change in their school.  The class could be divided up into two groups, one being the strikers and one being the factory owners or administrator of the school.  Groups could create speeches or write up changes that they are asking.  The other group would do the same, stating their case or reasons for changes or refusal to change.  Students could then participate in a mock trial of a strike and negotiating session to learn about the process of strikes.





Primary Source

Lesson Plan Ideas


The following resources can be accessed to develop lesson plans using a primary resource or to develop classroom activities to learn more about child labor. 


http://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/hine-photos/activities.html :  Analyze primary source photographs by Lewis Hine, who is famous for capturing images of child labor,

to gain knowledge of child labor issues.


http://www.archives.gov/ :  Access the archives for primary source documents to develop lesson plans or learning experiences related to child labor issues.









Kids on Strike-Lesson Plans

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