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Here is a short video on how to link or embed your StoryBird.


StoryBird Link
Kristina Olson Moving Towards an Easier Life This storybird is still a rough draft. It is a story about immigrants coming to the United States for a better life. Mostly it will include immigrant labor issues.



George's Body Goes On Strike
This storybird is about a man named George and his body. His body is being treated badly and goes on strike to get better working conditions.
Mary Eggebraaten
This storybird depicts the story of a little girl who has to move far away from her home with her family and get used to life in a new land.
Mary Eggebraaten
How to Fight the Big Man
A story about the power of a union.  (sorry, I had to write 2- i love this tool)
Betsy Brokaw
This is a story of a child who had to move from her homeland to a new country because her father was already there and the family was hoping for a better life and to life on a farm someday. 
Cindy Alfred
A  Young Girls Journey for her Family
This is a story about a young girl who moves to America with her family for a better life.  This young girl works in the factory to help support her family. 
Steffanie Bristow
This story reflects upon the immigration experience and the realization of choice. 
Ann Thier
Tell me more about your Grandfather, the super hero.
This is a story about a young boy relating to the child labor of his great, great, great grandfather. 
Siri Anderson SwineFlu
don't get sick!
Amanda Nelson  Cecilia's Journey  Story about a young girl moving from Italy to America in the early 1900s. 
Andrew Bocchi
A Tale of the Great Depression
A story about loss, desperation, and the search for security during a particularly insecure time.
JoDelle Lox
A miracle
A story of triumph in education for a deaf and blind girl.
Tandy Kibbler The Visitor A story about a visitor that comes to the mills with the purpose to expose the use of children working in the mill.
Corissa Hanna Finding Another Place A story about immigration and the emotions people experience over the course of the transition.
Devon Owings The Deep Unknown A story about a young boy on the verge of confronting the beast his father calls....  The Mine.
Ashlie Schulz Why am I moving?  A sweet story about the concept of immigration, including why people immigrate and how a child might feel. 
Candida Vareberg To See The Stars Again   A story about the trouble of mills and its effect on life.
Rachel Johnson

Why We Had to Leave Our Home and Come to America


A story about a young girl who has to leave her home and come to America, where everything is different and strange to her.


Rebecca Tulenchik Olive The Other Iron A story about iron, what it could be, and what it is. 


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