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Immigration: Top 10 Internet Resources

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The Top 10 Internet Resources To Learn More About Immigration



The following is our hand-picked selection of the best internet resources available to assist in the teaching of the topic of Immigration.  


Website  Audience  Uses/Learning 
Minneapolis Foundation - Immigration  High School+  Has Info on Immigration in MN today.
Immigration: Stories of Yesterday & Today
Take an interactive tour of Ellis Island and listen to stories from immigrants from the 20th and 21st centuries. 
CoreKnowledge.org   Teachers  Contains really great lesson plans related to immigration and many other subjects as well.  
Destination America: Why and When PBS 

Students &


Explore interactive maps of who was immigrating to America, when they were immigrating, and why they immigrated. Focus is 1851-1910.  

Coming to AmericaPast and Present.  

People of all ages!  Fabulous site that has numerous information about immigration today and past immigration! Includes 50 facts about immigration and multiple book recommendations.  
History.com-Ellis Island  Elementary +  Contains videos and photographs related to Ellis Island and immigration to the U.S. They also have an interactive photo that shows a comparison of Ellis Island from 100 years ago and today.
Library of Congress-Lesson Plans-The Immigrant Experience  Teachers  Contains a lesson plan on the immigrant experience. It compares the story Alice and Wonderland with immigration to the U.S. The lesson uses primary sources to show common themes of the immigrant experience.  
National Archives Experience-Digital Vaults-Ellis Island   Middle School+  Contains digital vaults of the National Archive. It has photographs of the construction of Ellis Island and immigrants arriving in the U.S. It can be used as a primary source 
Digital History
A great website for primary sources, video clips, and statistics on the trends of immigration.
ThinkQuest.org-The History of Ellis Island  Middle School+  Contains information on the history of Ellis Island. It also has great links to the immigration of different cultures to the U.S., a timeline, photographs, and immigrants stories. 




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